We welcome you all today as we gather together for online worship.

Sunday 20th September 2020

Today’s theme - I don’t know what to choose

Call to worship

The Lord our God is great and to be highly praised.
We come to worship.
The Lord our God is great beyond our understanding.
We come to worship.
The Lord our God is loving and full of mercy.
We come to worship.

Reading - Psalm 145

Psalm 145

Song - All hail the power of Jesus’ name

A prayer of praise

We praise you, Lord, for all that you are,
for the creation that is yours,
for its beauty and wonder, its diversity and richness.
We praise you for your presence and comfort
that swaddle us in your purity and enrich us with your abundance.
We praise you for your steadfastness
that perseveres with us, faltering disciples and failing followers.
We praise you that, day by day, you amaze and enrich us
and reveal yourself in new and unexpected ways.
We praise you that you are the same yesterday,
today and for ever – and yet forever new.
O Lord our God, you are indeed,
from the depth of our being,
highly to be praised.

Song - All I once held dear

Funky Followers Video Clip

Funky Followers Talk

Funky Followers song

Rock Solid Talk

Rock Solid Song

Reading - Matthew 20.1-16

Matthew 20.1-16

Prayers of intercession

Eternal, ever-living, ever-present God,
in the struggles and joys of this day, we pray:
for those who are overburdened, weighed down, demoralised,
fearful or desolate because of what life has thrown at them, God, be with them.
For those engulfed in pain and anguish, facing illness and death, God, be with them.
For those troubled in mind and spirit, who find no peace or calm, God, be with them.
For those alone and lonely, without friend or comfort, God, be with them.
For those frightened and bewildered, who see no direction
or purpose in their lives, God, be with them.
Eternal, ever-living God,
bless them all in this and every hour,
in this and every step of life’s journey.

A personal prayer

In trial and tribulation, God of comfort, be near me.
In loss and devastation, God of grief, grieve with me.
In uncertainty and confusion, God of the way, show me a path.
In want and in need, God of provision, provide for me.
In times of sluggishness and laziness, God of patience, wait for me.
In comfort and in joy, God of love, let me not forget you

Song - Jesus Christ I think upon your sacrifice

Reading - Philippians 1.21-30

Philippians 1.21-30

Sermon by Adrian Argile

Song - For me to live is Christ, to die is gain

Song - May the mind of Christ my Saviour

Closing prayer

Lord, give us a way to go,
a path to follow,
a purpose to fulfil and meaning to our deeds.

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