The Marriage Course is a seven week professionally produced course from Holy Trinity Brompton Church in London. It's made by the same people as Alpha, and is based in a similar video series and disccusion book format.

Each week, couples come and have a date night with a meal, followed by watching a short video interspersed with times of private discussion between you and your partner. There's no awkward conversations with other people and no public feedback; it's just a chance for you and your partner to sit down and make sure your relationship is on track.

The Dates for the course are:

Session 1 - 11th September @ 7pm

Session 2 - 18th September @ 7pm

Session 3 - 25th September @ 7pm

Session 4 - 2nd October @ 7pm

Session 5 - 9th October @ 7pm

Session 6 - 16th October @ 7pm

Session 7 - 23rd October @ 7pm


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