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Sunday Service 03/06/2022

Theme: This week we explore receiving and giving God’s blessing.

A prayer of approach

We bring ourselves to this place, this moment in time,
we bring ourselves to worship you, O God.
We come knowing you and yet seeking to know you more,
to offer you our prayers and praises,
and to receive your blessing.


Song - I cannot tell

Intro to reading (Alastair):

Jesus sends 70 people ahead of him, in pairs, to spread the good news. He tells them to take little with them, gratefully receiving hospitality when it is offered and moving on swiftly when it is not. He says that if people will not listen to their message, it is God they are rejecting. When the 70 return, they are full of joy from their experience and what they were able to do in Jesus’ name.
Spreading the good news, engaging in hospitality, and sharing God’s peace – these are all ways of giving and receiving God’s blessings. How does this play out in our lives?

New Testament reading 1: Mark 6: 6b-13 (NIV)

Mark 6: 6-13

All-age talk: Rosie King

All-age song: It's a good thing to give thanks

New Testament reading 2: Luke 10: 1-12 (NIV) preceded by a travelling illustration (Alastair)

Luke 10: 1-12

Song - Beauty for brokenness (God of the poor)

Prayers of Intercession

Loving God, you call us to bear one another’s burdens,
so we seek your discernment in aiding those struggling to stand
beneath the ravages of physical and mental ill health.
Peace and mercy be upon them.

Help us to speak up for the marginalised and the vulnerable
burdened by the ever growing onslaught of social media.
Peace and mercy be upon them.

Help us to get alongside and bring comfort
to those fighting their way through the dark forest of grief.
Peace and mercy be upon them.

Lord, with an ever growing population
there is great need of you in the world today.
We pray for all those in the field of mission, at home and abroad,
particularly for those just stepping out on their journey.
Peace and mercy be upon them.

May your blessings be poured out to all in need
as we journey in step with your Holy Spirit.


Song - Spirit of the living God

Talk (Alastair)

Song - Go forth and tell

Sending out prayer:

Where there is conflict,
let there be peace.
Where there is fearfulness,
let there be peace.
Where there is anger,
let there be peace.
Where there is violence,
let there be peace.
May God’s peace rest on our homes
and all who live in them.


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