Building the church


On 16th April 1862 a meeting took place in a house in Adelaide Street at which it was decided by the 15 people present to form a Baptist Church here in Redditch. At first, meetings were held in the Warwick Arms Room in Ipsley, then four years later the foundation stone was laid for their own Church building on a site directly opposite where they had been meeting. This new Church building opened on 24th April 1868.

Our first Church was built in Ipsley Street, where we met between 1868 - 1897.
As the years went by God blessed the Church to such an extent that the building became too small to hold the number of people attending, and as there was no room for expansion on the present site, it was decided to purchase a new site on the east side of Ipsley Green at the corner of Millsboro Road (£750). The building itself cost £4,197 to build.

At first, the Church continued to prosper with every Church Meeting having applications for membership submitted. But with the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the Church suffered the loss of many of its young men, and the news of the loss created an atmosphere of depression amongst the fellowship. As industry struggled to meet the demands of the war effort the Church was called upon to face a difficult decision. A local factory that adjoined the rear of the Church premises needed more room in order to expand its production. With heavy hearts theChurch decided to sell the property and temporary accommodation was secured for the Church in the Temperance Hall. Within a short time land was purchased at Easemore Road which is our present site, and shortly after the war ended the building work began.

In 1954 the Church was invited by the Redditch Christian Council to form some type of 'witness' on the Studley Road housing estate (Greenlands). It was decided to open a Sunday School on the estate and so another building was erected and opened 15th October 1960. It was the first missionary endeavour of its kind undertaken in the Association for over 50 years. Many members of the Church gave of their time & effort to witness to those on the estate and God blessed their work. However, with age and ill health, those running the work eventually had to retire.


When deciding whether or not this work should be carried on, it was realised that everybody who had been reached through the Sheldon Road ministry was now attending the Easemore Road site, it seemed that this mode of witness was coming to an end. It was decided to sell the building. Many prospective buyers emerged and either we could not with a Christian conscience sell to some of them, or the sale fell through - it seemed that God had other things in mind. Then the Church was approached by the Abundant Life Full Gospel Church with a request to lease the premises until they could afford to buy it. This offer was gladly accepted and we are pleased to know that God's witness is continuing in Greenlands through this work.

However the Church is not the land or the premises, it is the people who worship there. Throughout the years many faithful people have both served & worshipped God in these various places. In the days & years to come, we seek through the guidance and power of God's Holy Spirit, to reach many more people with the 'Good News of salvation through our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.