Believers Baptism

Believers' Baptism is at the core of what a Baptist Church is. We believe that baptism should be something that an individual chooses to do once they've made a commitment to follow Jesus. This means that someone doesn't have to be an adult to be baptised, but they do have to have made a decision to follow Jesus for themselves, regardless of age.


Baptism signifies the change that has already occurred in someone; it doesn't make us a Christian, but instead shows God and other people that we're committed to him.


If you are interested in getting baptised, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Infant Dedication

Instead of baptising children, we do something known as infant dedication. This is a special service where we thank God for the new life of a baby, and where the parents and godparents make promises about how they'll bring up their child. As a Church, we also promise to offer the family support, acceptance, and love. If you're the parent of a young child and would like to explore Infant Dedication, please contact a member of the leadership team via that contact us page.